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About Beerpool

About Beerpool

This website was created by two real beer lovers. With Beerpool we want to provide a free platform for the community, where the users can capture, collect and share the beer brands they have tasted for themselves or in a group.

What is the idea behind Beerpool? How Beerpool arose?

As we are true beer lovers, we always like to try the local beer specialties all over the world. At some point we had the idea, to capture this on a personal list. Gradually, we collected a huge variety of different beers. Apart from the well-known brands we also found particular pleasure in the tasting of exotic and rare beer brands from different parts of the world. As of now every trip was used to expand the list with a local beer. After a short time we already had collected more than 100 different brands. The only thing missing was the right and user-friendly platform to capture the new beer brands quickly and to share it with our friends easily.

Why should I use Beerpool?

For true beer lovers Beerpool is the ideal platform to capture, collect and share the beer brands you have tasted. Especially the lesser known, local beer brands offer positive surprises with a huge variety of different tastes. With Beerpool you can easily and quickly get an overview of the beers you and your friends have tried as well as providing or getting recommendations. Whether alone or in a group, tasting new beers offers fascinating new experiences and flavors. Beerpool is the perfect tool to assist you thereby!

What features Beerpool does provide?

• Create your personal beer list!
• Capture and collect the beer you have tried!
• Manage your personal beer map!
• Anytime and everywhere available!
• Create your own groups and add your friends!
• Share your beer experiences with your friends!
• Provide and get recommendations from your friends!
• …or just try to be the beer leader in your group!